What about our future?

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It is interesting to think about how we have grown and changed over the last 20 years. When I first arrived, we had a gravel parking lot and our back yard did not extend past what is now the first set of parking spaces. As we grew, we expanded our facilities to accommodate more ministry. A larger worship space, which in turn provided a larger parish hall, which allows us opportunities for expanded worship and fellowship.
The expanded space also incurred expanded expense and thus an expanded mortgage. fortunately, interest rates have been dropping ever since we built the new building and we are now at a 3.89% rate on our existing debt. However, those payments are being made out of a building fund that needs to be revitalized. currently there is about $89,000.00 in the building fund and we have pledges totaling $334,000.00 over the next five years. Our hope is to increase those pledges to $1,000,000.00. Any one who wins the lottery is politely asked to tithe, but knowing the odds, we cannot afford to count those “chickens” because they are not likely to hatch. So, it is up to us to secure our financial future. Your Vestry and Program Council are participating in our capital campaign, and we need everyone to do what they can to reach our goal. A pledge of $278 a month for 3 years is a $10,000.oo gift to our campaign. It would only take 70 pledges of that size to reach our goal.
While we have grown and changed over the last twenty years, the world has grown and changed as well. Here at Holy Cross we are exploring new ways to reach out and live and proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in the world. Each generation has a different view of what matters when it comes to our spiritual lives. Our “millennials” seek places where they can do hands on ministry in the community and make a difference in the world. Showing up at church on Sunday morning is one option among many other competing options. The question that used to be, “what do you want to do after church on Sunday?” is now, “do you want to go to church on Sunday?” And for some families, kids competing in sports or extracurricular activities means missing church in order to be present for competitions.
Despite these changing dynamics, the Christian community is always going to need a space where we can gather as a body and worship and plan ministry and celebrate our lives together. We have a great space for all of that here at Holy Cross. We have a great ministry and a bright future. Please help us eliminate the cost of debt so that we can continue to expand our ministry and celebrate Christ in our midst.

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