Our Staff

The Rev. Dorian Del Priore
Walter Hundt
Director of Music
Michael Waters
Lori Palmieri
Parish Secretary
Erin Delaney
Financial Secretary
Lakisha Pride
Director, Holy Cross Academy


Our Vestry

The vestry is like a board of directors that is in charge of the temporal affairs of the church—in other words, our finances and short-term and long-term planning. Each member is committed to the vision, mission, and ministry of Christ here at Holy Cross and to our mission statement: “making Christ visible in God’s community.” Our vestry includes the rector and nine parishioners. At our annual meeting in January, the congregation elects three people for a three-year term, and each year, three people rotate off. The vestry meets twice a month: on the first Tuesday of the month for a spiritual meeting and on the third Tuesday for a business meeting. We have an annual weekend retreat in February and a day-long retreat in August. The senior warden (srwarden@holycrossep.org) oversees the vestry, and the junior warden (jrwarden@holycrossep.org) oversees maintenance and development of buildings and grounds. Following are our current vestry members and the year when they will rotate off:

  • Sharon James (2024), Senior Warden (administration)
  • Greg Farley (2024), Junior Warden (buildings and grounds)
  • John Ackerman (2023)
  • Kristi Ferguson (2023)
  • Laurie Wozniak (2023)
  • Anne Smith (2024)
  • Ruth Harvey (2025)
  • Jennifer Storch (2025)
  • Peggy Tollison (2025)

Randy Bay, Treasurer

Any member of the parish is welcome to attend our business meetings. If you wish to address the vestry during the meeting, please contact the senior warden 10 days before the meeting so your topic can be placed on our agenda.

Click here to view minutes from our Vestry meetings.