Pastoral Care

Making Christ visible in God’s community by expressing the love of God through caring relationships, attentive care, and support in time of need

As a parish seeking to make Christ visible in God’s community, one of our goals is to express the love of God through caring relationships and through attentive care and support in times of need. As a community we express our Christian love through our Caring Connection- a number of ministries that address different needs within the parish.
EVs are members of our parish who have been approved by the rector, received training, and have been licensed by the Bishop to take Holy Communion from our Altar to parishioners who are unable to attend worship, whether home-bound, in a hospital, or in assisted living. If you wish a visit from an EV, please contact Mother Linda at
Pastoral Visitors are members of our parish who have completed a course in lay pastoral care and have been commissioned to visit on behalf of Holy Cross. These persons have committed themselves to a ministry of visitations in nursing homes, and to members who are hospitalized or confined to their homes. Click here for more information.
Our Sit n’ Stitch group creates prayer shawls which are then blessed and given to persons known to us who have a need to feel surrounded by God’s love. Click here if you know of someone who needs a prayer shawl.
When possible members of our transportation team provides transportation to worship services for parishioners who are unable to drive. Contact the church office to become a volunteer or to receive assistance.
Cards are sent regularly from our Holy Cross family to members who are home-bound or in assisted living facilities or serving in the military. Cards are also sent periodically to those members for whom we pray. To get involved in this ministry or to request cards for someone contact the church office.
Members of our Flower Ministry rearrange the alter flowers and deliver the bouquets to those who are unable to worship with us due to illness, infirmity, or hospitalization. Bouquets are also shared with those who grieve and with those who are celebrating milestones.
The Meal Ministry at Holy Cross is intended to help those in need; those home with new babies; recovering from illness or surgery; and those who have lost a loved one. Meals are prepared and delivered to those in need.
Care packages are sent twice a year to military personnel who are stationed over-seas. To request a package or to help, contact the church office.
Watchman volunteers are trained to provide information on hospice and end-of-life care. Bill Andree is our watchman volunteer for Open Arms Hospice and the McCall Hospice House.
We are a group of parishioners who are either active or retired health providers in the community or those who are interested in the holistic health of the community of Holy Cross and beyond. We provide health resources and other information such as blood pressure checks, expert discussions, access to CPR training, blood drives, and information on the latest health tips. We also visit the sick at the hospital or in their homes and find resources to help parishioners in need, for example, finding someone to mow your yard after you’ve had surgery. What the Wellness Ministry does not do is “hands on” care for parishioners or parishioners’ family members. We do not provide home health services or write prescriptions. Everyone is a potential health minister. If you are interested in joining this ministry or if you are in need of this ministry, please contact the church office.