Our outreach programs make Christ visible in God’s community by providing opportunities for members of our parish and the community to learn about and work to meet the needs of others locally, nationally, and internationally. For questions, please email us at outreach@holycrossep.org.

Local & National Outreach

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International Ministry Partners

Cameron and Roberto are missionaries in Ecuador. Cameron is from North Carolina and was a youth minister in Spartanburg for five years. Roberto was born and raised in Quito. The Vivancos now work under the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders and International Teams, a ministry that in Ecuador is known as Youth World. They work to identify, train, and equip leaders to impact young people and their families to be disciples of Christ. Cameron directs Youth World’s Short-Term Ministries Department and oversees the Education Equals Hope scholarship program in Quito. In 2014, Holy Cross sent its first team of youth and adults on a short-term mission to work alongside Cristo Liberador ("Christ the Liberator"), an Episcopal church outside of Quito. Holy Cross has since sent several more teams and aims to send a group every other year to revisit our sister church.
Education Equals Hope is a non-profit organization that provides for the education of children in desperate and difficult places. E=H brings hope to children in Ecuador, Haiti, Uganda, and Kenya by providing an education and spiritual mentoring, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and impact the next generation. In 2015, two of our parishioners went on a vision trip to witness the work E=H is a part of in Ecuador. We also have a representative on the E=H board of directors. You can sponsor a child’s education for just $32 a month.