Building and Grounds

Making Christ visible in God’s community through overseeing the day to day maintenance and development of the buildings and grounds.

  • Organize and lead buildings and grounds work.
  • Memorial Garden– Holy Cross Memorial Garden is a sanctuary, a peaceful place for remembering and hoping in Christ.  The Columbarium is a means by which one’s remains may be kept near Holy Cross church, reminding us of the communion of saints, both living and dead, and offering a final connection with the Body of Christ.
  • Butterfly Garden– The Butterfly Garden began (approximately) in 1999 by a group of men and women from Holy Cross.  Various flowers and shrubs that attract butterflies are in this garden in hopes that anyone walking by the garden will enjoy not only the plants but the added attractions of a fluttering butterfly.  May the butterflies that that float between the various blossoms relax the observer and encourage them to reflect on God’s creation and how wonderfully we are blessed.
  • Saint Francis Memorial Garden– The St. Francis Memorial Garden at Holy Cross Church offers a resting place for the cremains of beloved pets.  The garden is a beautiful peaceful place on the church grounds with a statue of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals.  Internment services are scheduled for the last Sunday of each quarter.
  • Pavilion Committee– The purpose of the Pavilion Committee is to oversee upkeep and maintenance and any policy issues that may arise.  The church secretary handles the scheduling of events held at the pavilion.
  • Plan maintenance for butterfly garden, flowerbeds, parking lots, sidewalks and dumpsters
  • Plan, schedule and lead clean-up / work days
  • Solicit volunteers and participation in work groups and work days

Tom Jones –