Holy Cross Library

Holy Cross Episcopal Church has recently established a library.  There are hardcover, paperback and audio books available for loan.  The loan period is 3 weeks, with an available extension of 3 additional weeks.  We will accept donations that meet the criteria of the mission statement.  All donated items become the property of the Holy Cross Library. The Library will be purged a minimum of once a year and unused items will be donated to charity, or sold with the proceeds deposited in the Church account earmarked for the Library.

Mission Statement

Making Christ Visible by acquiring a collection of resources for the Community of Holy Cross to enrich, educate and strengthen their faith journey.

Hours of Operation

Daily during normal office hours, and Sunday before and after each worship service.

Funding the Library
The library has several methods of funding. These include outright donations from our members and friends and the sale of books that do not have any loan activity for a year.

Additionally, purchasing items through this page from Amazon.com using the link below will earn Holy Cross a sales commission ranging from 4-10%. Please make all your purchases from Amazon.com through this page first.

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The Library Reservation System

Open up the list of available items for loan by clicking Library Items Available.

Then complete a reservation form. You will receive an email confirming item availablility and pick-up arrangements.

Recommended Reading

The current recommendation will be located here.

Book Reviews

Have you read a good book lately? We will dedicate this space to your reviews. Reviews should be short – only 1 or 2 paragraphs long.

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